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Discover the now lost truth of a hidden Dark Brotherhood Sanctuary in Winterhold and become a true Herald of Sithis! This is a dungeon and quest mod based around the Dark Brotherhood, featuring voiced NPCs, new locations to discover, custom apparel and weapons and a new music track exclusive to this mod. Submitted for the Skyrim Guild Mod Jam.

Permissions and credits
  • Mandarin
! Submission for the SkyrimGuild Mod Jam contest !

You've unveiled your true destiny within the Dark Brotherhood, a revelation that sets in motion a series of intriguing events. A cryptic note comes into your possession, hinting at a vigilant observer who admires your prowess. Embark on a journey across Skyrim, tasked with recovering buried relics and reviving their forgotten legacy, all in homage to your enigmatic Dread Father.

This mod expands the presence of the Dark Brotherhood in Skyrim by adding 2 new standalone quests, along with some custom dungeons to explore and conquer! This mod is best for less morally good playthroughs, as you will need to join the Dark Brotherhood to experience this adventure!
If you are unfamiliar with the Dark Brotherhood questline, I suggest you stop reading as to not spoil anything for yourself.

Quest Requirements:
  • You must join the Dark Brotherhood
  • Complete the quest Whispers in the Dark
  • Go to any public space where a Courier will give you a Mysterious Note, starting the quest
  • If you don't receive a note, make sure you enter and exit the Sanctuary to activate the quest trigger
  • While not a requirement, I highly recommend bringing torches or any source of light, as the dungeons can be very dark.

  • New Quests
  • New voiced NPCs
  • New books expanding the quest's story further
  • New boss fights
  • New dungeons
  • New spells
  • New custom gear (weapons, armour, clothes ect)
  • New music

Stuff I plan to add/finish
  • Planning to add Astrea's Shades, Huntsman Lucar and a missing jewellery piece.

I will continue to update this mod and add more NPCs/Items to it, so if you have an idea feel free to post it!

(As I hear of more verified incompatibilities with other mods, I will leave them here and link patches/fixes if available)

If you are one of the voice actors reading this, thank you! If your voice isn't yet in this mod, worry not! You are still credited here and will be added in the coming update/expansion (which is soon), thank you all so much!

Voice Talent:

3D Assets:

Special Thanks:

ETHATCH: This is the guy who made the amazing custom music track for this mod! He has a Spotify you can check out to hear his more modern music!

destero: Author of the incredible Draugr Weaponry mod, Destero did all of the amazing interior dungeons you see in this mod! Coincidentally, you can also download his new Bonewalker mod, which happens to fit rather well with the cells he designed! 

nimwraith: Creator of some great Shattered Skyrim addons, as well as Memorable Dragons, he helped with the quest scripting and dialogue! I suggest you download his mods if you are into custom NPC mods!

Please enjoy this mod and share any screenshots, bugs, issues and opinions on this, as it is my first attempt at a quest mod