MechWarrior 5: Mercenaries
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Bringing in a series of new, not-so-lore friendly, totally (un)balanced weapons as a part of the Yet Another series of mods.

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Further expand your YAML experience and 'Mech armory with a series of new weapon systems to trash some cans with. These weapons will allow your 'Mechs to pack even more of a punch... maybe too much. They aren't balanced or lore-friendly, just designed to be fun and not-so-serious collection of weapons for you to use.


Hellfire LRM 20/40/60/80 Stream
: High payload warheads attached to a slightly faster missile platform, these LRMs were designed by the IS specifically to bite back at the Clans. Available after 3057. Uses Hellfire LRM Stream ammo.

LRM 40/60/80/100: Ripped straight off of the various LRM carriers used within the IS as a stopgap until more powerful systems could be developed, these systems are heavy and unwieldy but provide much needed firepower. The Clans eventually adapted versions for themselves. Available after 3039 in both IS and Clan versions.

Thunder LRM 5/10/15/20/40/60/80/100: Thunder LRMs have a slower delivery system, but an increased payload for long-range top-down saturation strikes. Available after 3043.

Inferno LRM 5/10/15/20/40/60/80/100: LRM versions of the infamous Inferno SRMs. Available after 3031. Uses LRM ammo.

MRM 50/60/70/80: Enlarged versions of the standard MRM launchers. Available after 3057.

Siege MRM 15/30/45/60: Being the middle ground between SRMs and LRMs, these missiles apply the saturation strategy to mid-range engagements. Delivering fast, high-yield payloads, these systems use standard LRM targeting while maintaining SRM spread and flexibility. Available after 3064. Uses Siege MRM ammo.

M-SAC 2/4/6/12/18/24/36/48/60
: The Metal-Storm Autocannon was an ancient Terran LosTech rediscovered by ComStar during the Fourth Succession War. Operating as a ballistic-missile hybrid system, it fires stacked projectiles packed into a multi-tube platform at an absurd rate of fire. Available after 3076. Uses M-SAC ammo.

Seeker M-SAC 2/4/6/12/18/24/36/48/60: Equipped with tracking rounds, these M-SACs focus on crippling an opponents limbs and disarming them. Available after 3093. Uses M-SAC Seeker ammo.

SRM 8: The next step-up from the SRM 6 with two more tubes and a better spread than its predecessor. Available after 3024 in both IS and Clan versions.

SRM 10/30/60: In the same vein as their LRM counterparts, these systems came right off of SRM carriers and modified for usage in 'Mechs. More saturation launchers, they are perfect for close-range brawling. The Clans later developed their own versions of these weapons. Available after 3043 in both IS and Clan versions. Now with Advanced and Streak variants.

Super SRM 12/24/36/48 Stream: As close-range "clan busters", these missile systems sacrifice range for larger warheads to wreck any 'Mech unlucky enough to get too close. Available after 3051. Uses Super SRM Stream ammo.

Arc Thrower: A pure electrical bolt weapon that transfers an excessive amount of normal and heat damage. Available after 3065.

Tesla Cannon: Enlarged from the Large Arc Thrower, the Tesla Cannon fires its beam as long as the trigger is held, offering tremendous damage at the cost of extreme heat. Available after 3105.

Array Laser: A combination of four laser cores allowing each to fire at the same target from the same hardpoint. Available after 3103.

Assault Laser: An unsuccessful attempt by the IS to copy the Clan Heavy Laser, creating a more powerful, but shorter range and more inefficient weapon. Available after 3078.

Binary Laser: Expansion of YAW's Blazer. Adds ER, Pulse, and X-Pulse variants.

Automatic Laser: Field modified pulse lasers with most safety measures removed to allow for an uninterrupted pulse beams and a slight damage increase. Available after 3047 in both IS and Clan versions.

Clan Heavy Pulse Laser: A pulse variant of the Clan Heavy Laser to fill a gap in the Clan lineup. Available after 3063.

Continuous Laser: Having similar changes as the Automatic Laser, the Continuous Laser allows a pilot to fire a high power beam for the duration of the trigger pull at the cost of immense heat generation. Available after 3030 in both IS and Clan versions.

Hyper Laser: Taking inspiration from the RISC Hyper Laser prototype, this high-powered energy weapon is large, in charge, and requires about a dozen heat sinks to use. Available after 3159.

Micro Laser: Expands YAWC's Micro Laser selection with five new variants. Available after 3012 in both IS and Clan versions.

Raker Laser: An array-type laser that has all laser beams firing in different directions in a spread pattern. Available after 3127 in both IS and Clan versions.

Super Laser: The near perfect combination of Clan and IS laser technology. Improved in almost every aspect when compared to its predecessors. Available after 3148.

XL Laser: An enlarged and supercharged laser designed as the next step up from the Large Laser. Immense damage and range for equally intense heat. Available after 3071.

LB-X Plasma Rifle: Applies the principle of the LB-X Autocannon to the Plasma Rifle. Available after 3078.

Chain PPC
: Installed with charge dampeners, these PPCs fire a burst of three bolts instead of expending all of its energy into one. Available after 3059.

SNAP PPC: Built using experimental RISC technology, these PPCs fire two supercharged ion bolts in rapid succession with the first to short-circuit the target and the second to give the killing blow. Available after 3146.

AAC/20, 40, 60, and 80: Short range rapid fire flak guns designed to take out aircraft and light vehicles with shrapnel-like rounds. Available after 3036.

Art. Array 2/4/6/8: Essentially two Long Toms bolted together, these weapons fire two high damage projectiles at long range. Available after 3022.

HOW 1/2/3/4: With a firing range in-between the Thumper and the Long Tom, the Howitzer deals double AoE damage than direct fire. Available after 3055.

Thumper HEAP: An improved Thumper that fire dual-purpose projectiles dealing high damage. Available after 3050.

HV AC/20: The large bore AC/20 gets the hypervelocity treatment.

Light AC/10: Filling the gap between YAW's Light AC/5 and Yet Another Special Variants Light AC/20.

Clan Rotary AC/2 and 5: Adding clan variants of YAW's rotary autocannons. Available after 3073.

Rotary AC/10 and 20: Rotary versions of the AC/10 and AC/20. Available after 3061 in both IS and Clan versions.

CG/10, 20, 30, and 40: Light, small caliber weapons that fire at a moderate cyclical rate.

HAG 10/50/60/70/80: Further expansion of the Clan Hyper Assault Gauss weapons giving a full spread of weapons. Available after 3067.

LB-X Gauss: Finally succeeding in applying LB-X munitions to a Gauss weapon, this weapon sends clusters of projectiles at high-velocity and range. Available after 3114.

Mini Gauss: A move to give more firepower to light 'mechs, the Mini Gauss is a small iteration of the Light Gauss. Reduced in size and weight at the cost of damage. Available after 3063 in both IS and Clan versions.

Rotary Gauss: Applying the RAC concept to the hard-hitting Gauss rifle, Rotary Gauss have better damage and range than their AC counterparts, but have worse rate of fire and jam more often. Available after 3091.

GL/5, 10, 15, and 20: Short-range ballistic weapons that fire a four-round burst of grenades that explode on impact. Available after 3026.

Standard/Light/Heavy Gauss Machine Gun: Mating a standard-type machine gun with microscopic gauss technology creates a weapon with a devastating rate of fire, range, and damage but immense heat and increased weight. Available after 3033 in both IS and Clan versions.

Railgun: Once considered LosTech, this heavy ballistic weapon was once only found on WarShips and was never conceived to be fitted onto a standard BattleMech. Through the occasional discovery, remnants of potential 'Mech versions found during the Amaris Civil War surfaced the possibility of reviving the weapon though it was not until the Clan Invasion did the weapon see fruition. Available after 3081 in both IS and Clan versions.

REV 3/6/9/12/15/18: Feeding from a drum mechanism, the Revolver Cannon fires six high-velocity projectiles at a sustained rate before requiring some time to reload. Available after 3088.

  • Raker Lasers have beams that "bend" and stretch before they disappear. This is due to them being PPCs pretending to be lasers in order to get the weapon's desired effect. No known solution exists for this issue.
  • Raker Lasers, due to being projectile weapons instead of true lasers, may cause unintended ragdoll effects on enemy death. No known solution exists for this issue.
  • Raker Lasers will also cause the player's mech to be hit with an EMP when firing. This is due to the PPC projectile being used as a base. Consider it a drawback to the weapon. No known solution exists for this issue.
  • Automatic and Continuous Lasers use vanilla audio at the moment and will be awkwardly silent when used as intended. This will be fixed after I learn how to modify and add new audio into the mod.

With the end of "Phase 5," I've completely run out of ideas I want to implement or suggested ideas that I have found feasible/peaked my interest to add to the mod. This mod, until further notice, will be in full upkeep mode and will only see occasional bug fixes, tweaks, and rebuilds whenever a DLC drops. I do plan to hopefully get some custom audio in at some point, but not for the near future. Thanks to everyone who helped answer my questions, gave feedback, brought up weapon ideas, and for downloading and playing the mod. With that, here are two facts if you're interested:


Note on source files: Feel free to use the source files for reference/incorporation of stuff into your own mods. All I ask is you give credit where credit is due. Much of my own work is based on the amazing source the YAML team has built. If you have questions, I can be found on the YAML, Clan Invasion, or MW5 Discords.

  • cszolee79 and trueg for Yet Another Mechlab, Yet Another Weapon, and Yet Another Weapon Clan source files and assets.
  • The6thMessenger for permission to integrate and expand their SRM 10 and M-SAC mods into YAWE.
  • khuna1337 for creating the OP Noncannon Mech Variants mod which inspired several of the weapons in YAWE.
  • Chozo4 and phfor for providing assistance in troubleshooting problems caused by my inexperience in the editor.
  • The OG MekTek Team for the MW4 MekPaks and the inspiration for the Thunder LRMs, Assault Lasers, Continuous Lasers, Mini Gauss, and Railgun.
  • Xaneks Alucar for suggesting the Raker Lasers on the Google Doc.
  • Achronus on Steam for suggesting the HAG 10, LB-X Gauss, and Railgun.
  • BlockyJackBauer for posting in the YAML Discord about a "heavy gauss machine gun."
  • Kerint on the YAML Discord for suggesting the Rotary Gauss.
  • Bl00dyDruid/Unreadable on the YAML Discord for suggesting the Grenade Launcher, Artillery Array, Arc Thrower, and Tesla Cannon. Also for telling me to "Do better."
  • biosterous on the YAML Discord for suggesting the LB-X Plasma Rifle.