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Adds a new set of 56 combat-oriented PM poses using handguns, knives and fists.

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*Please read this mod's title with a russian mob boss accent*

They call him Baba Yaga.
He will come for you.
And you will do nothing.
Because you can do nothing.

This set of 56 poses was built to give you more options for action scenes.

A perfect fit to storm a night club full of henchmen, or for your casual Friday night bar fight -we are in Night City after all.

Although not required, I strongly recommend using SilverEzredes' Photo Mode Unlocker 1.6 XL as well as the Appearance Menu Mod (AMM) for best results.

If you like this mod, please submit your best images !


V1.0 (Release) - Known problems: 
  • V may stand a few inches/centimeters above the ground in some poses. You can easily correct it with the height adjustment in Photo Mode. I may fix this at a later date.
  • V's head and/or eyes are locked in position in a few poses. I have not found a fix as of now.

- Angy / xBaebsae, for your character template, tools and tutorial on custom poses
- Mana / Manavortex, for writing this other tutorial, as well as being extremely supportive and helping throughout the whole project.
- The Magnificent Doctor Presto, for your patience and much needed help along the way.
- EyeofCenter, for your John Wick Outfit which is seen in use in the series of pictures for this mod.

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