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Ship and combat overhaul. 8x weapon range and 10x ship speed with several gameplay tweaks for challenging AI combat. Save game compatible, Supports all DLC. Easy to edit for player preference.

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Ship Changes:

- Ship top speed 10x higher over vanilla (2x higher in reverse). Travel drive removed on all ships. Boost removal is optional.
- Shield regeneration delay removed for all ships, but ships have around 6x slower shield regen.
- Smaller ships return to full shields faster than larger ships, but larger ships retain significant shield regen advantage.
- Some ships with weaker shields gain HP buff; Split have best hull in class for destroyer and battleship.

- Standardized engines, mass, and shields for various classes of ships across all factions.
- M, L, and XL ships gain around 3x mass. Small ships gain around 2x mass.
- Sentinel, Vanguard, and Raider all have same top speed, but retain different hull and mass.
- Sentinel class for L and XL gains an additional health buff.

- XL ships have increased turn rate, including Xenon.
- Xenon ships gain large HP buff, but have much lower shield regen.
- Xenon ships have top of the line top speed over most ship classes.
- Xenon S gains 2x cargo space, Scouts carry 75% less cargo, Barbarossa and Erlking carry 50% less cargo.

- Added support for ArgonMatt's XL ships on NexusMods/Steam Workshop
- Astrid (yacht) is upgraded to be competitive with other corvettes.
- Ship speed is dictated by cargo size, weapon count, and shields.
- High speed can keep you alive in heavy combat; sharp turns bleeding your speed can make you easy target practice.  

- Spacesuit top speed 8x higher (boost is kept). (standalone version: https://www.nexusmods.com/x4foundations/mods/859)
- Boarding pods gain 6x higher top speed. (standalone version: https://www.nexusmods.com/x4foundations/mods/863)
- L and XL ships have capability to boost far longer than before.
- M ships get a small duration buff to boost.

- Many of the .XML's were made by Nerhesi in their "Ship Performance Differentiation" mod:
Many of the values were kept. Highly recommend this mod if you want a more
traditional X experience. Thanks for letting me use these!

- Ship radar range is now 40km for M, 50km for L, and 60 km for XL ships
Radar mod made by captainradish. Original Mod linked here:
- Added support for Lc4Hunter's Argon Titan and Fulmar Battleship.


Weapon Changes:

- Weapon range increased 4x across the board + projectile lifetime doubled for most weapons.
- Many weapons gain 2x more damage.
- Asgard main weapon's damage nerfed, heat reduced, and its range is class leading. (Can slightly out-DPS Leviathan)
- Xenon L Graviton turret damage nerfed significantly, but it has excellent range and speed.
- Beam lasers get up to 2x range increase and doubled projectile speed.
- ARG Ion weapons do slightly more hull damage.

- Astrid primary weapons get a large damage buff to be competitive with corvettes. Increased heat buildup.
- Astrid beam turrets have slightly reduced range over other beam turrets because of its superior DPS.
- Kha'ak weapons gain a damage buff to be a slightly larger threat.
- Medium shard turret gets a large damage buff to compete with Flak.
- Gatling weapons and Plasma cannons have much lower heat output.
- Split Boson Lance has 10x lower heat output, 4x lower damage, and 0.5x reload speed.


Other Changes:

- Highways removed (Superhighways kept) (thanks to https://www.nexusmods.com/x4foundations/mods/80)
- Removed damage effects from hazardous regions

- Draw distance increased for long range combat! Original mod made by Mr.Freud, thank you for letting me use this: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=2046196846

- Fog removed for dramatic FPS increase when in Asteroid Fields and near Stations. Thanks to Eso Kerman for making the mod: https://www.nexusmods.com/x4foundations/mods/586

- Large (XL) Asteroid draw distance is lowered from the vanilla distance of 450 km to 100km to hopefully fix low FPS issues in Asteroid Fields.
Tested on 2015 quad-core i7 and 5800X3D.

- Fixed slow docking behavior with hotfix! Thank you General Vash/Rumble16 for making Slow Docking to Ships Mod and letting me
include it. Original mod:




How to install: drag xdangerous folder into extensions. Does not require new save. Can be safely removed at any time.
The packed version of this mod is now on Steam Workshop under the same name.

For a similar gameplay experience for X4 Star Wars Interworlds, check out Dangerous Interworlds: https://www.nexusmods.com/x4foundations/mods/913