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Useless, low-value, miscellaneous objects can no longer be looted.

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> What Does This Do? <

Disables looting and inspection of ubiquitous clutter objects to protect my sanity and yours.

You can still drop or sell the items, and you can still move them like physics objects; you just can't add them to your inventory from the environment.

Although the items are still highlighted with the scanner for now, they are not targetable and do not produce a popup/tooltip.
This means that when you get close to a bunch of items, on a desk surface for example, only worthwhile items will get called out to you by the HUD.

: Alternative Version
Download the Experimental version under optional files to remove the clutter from the environment instead of only making it unlootable.

> Installation <

Extract to \Data\ in your install directory.

Then goto: \Documents\My Games\Starfield\

Open or create: StarfieldCustom.ini and Starfield.ini

And add the following lines to both:



> Compatibility <

This mod will have minor conflicts with mods that alter string files.

I have uploaded an explicit compatibility patch for:
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