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Squirrels have been added to the wild at about 15 different locations, with respawn. Squirrel Chili has been added to the soup menu, providing +5%exp for 1 hour.

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Squirrels are based on the radrat from Nuka-World, which is the only requirement. They are smaller than rats, and sometimes hard to see.

All squirrels are identical in the editor, with a ranged size. Each one uses levelled lists for loot, including new squirrel meat lists designed to work the same as meat in other animals. I've also given them the tiny junk and small caps lists.

More testing is needed.

If you use any mods that change the appearance of radrats, the squirrels will likely be affected.

Known issues:
Squirrels by the water between Vault 111 and Sanctuary tend to be dead. Perhaps they drowned. Given the location I have no desire to fix this.