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Fallout 4 the way Bethesda should have done it. Reach maximum performance with this texture mod that uses A.I. to generate extremely beautiful and lightweight textures. Gain FPS compared to the vanilla game!

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Yes, there are already other mods that resize textures to try to improve the game's performance. No, that's just not what I want here. I didn't throw the textures into something “mod-o-matic” to resize while drinking coffee. I create mods as a hobby and decided to test my artificial intelligence to generate the game's textures using performance algorithms, texel density, filters and other tricks.

This mod is focused on having Fallout 4 exactly how Bethesda should have done it: With beautiful textures, and extremely optimized. In some cases, even with better and more defined textures, there is a performance gain compared to the vanilla game.
It was unacceptable that a simple cigarette had a 2k texture, while the nuka glue machine had a single 2k texture to wrap the entire object, making the nuka glue machine blurry and ugly. Rule number 1 here was to put an end to it. Big objects have big textures, small objects have small textures! You will have a much more beautiful game, following exactly the original textures (no changing the color of the ground to turn green, nor ultra-defined rock textures, they are the exact textures from the vanilla game, optimized by A.I. and revised by me in photoshop, in addition to many months of testing.
I used some textures from the official HD pack (the few that were really well defined, and ignored that bunch of upscaled crap), in addition, intelligent compression methods were used to extract maximum performance, without noticeable graphical sacrifices.

The optimizations I create are being divided into files of maximum 2.5GB. This is essential to have better control over bug identification, it makes it easy for slow internet users to download, and it's easy for me to upload files to my internet plan.

The optimizations are separated by subject/type, and as I create, test, and review them, I will make them available. You can access my profile, and consult all my optimization mods.

This mod contains all of the game's Effects optimized textures.