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Adapts Forsworn Fashions to use SPID for compatibility reasons, removing edits to vanilla references.

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Fashions of the Banditry - Steel Fashions

RMB SPIDified Forsworn Fashions adapts GolinskiRH's immersive Forsworn Fashions to use SPID for better compatibility across the board.

It introduces an assortment of outfits which are distributed in a mod-agnostic fashion, natively supporting mods such as Requiem and Madmen out-of-the-box with the power of SPID, all without the need for compatibility patches!

As always, if you have any suggestions or run into any issues, please let me know.

Includes a modified .esp from the original mod, with removed vanilla edits to references for compatibility with other mods
ESL Light Plugin (doesn't use a slot), to define the outfits
Introduces (5) new outfits, and adds those outfits to Forsworn characters (one of which can be used by Generic Forsworn characters, meaning more characters may use these armours)
Introduces 2 new outfits for Skeletal summons if you use Madmen
Adds an additional 246 enchanted variants of the new armours introduced by Forsworn Fashions into the equipment pool
Name/class specific outfits have a 70% chance of being added to Forsworn Characters
A generic/mixed outfit that constitutes of much randomness has a 20% chance of being given to Forsworn characters
Helmets have a 50% chance of being equipped

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