About this mod

This mod gives oblivion's vanilla character creation some life by adding in beards, scars an warpaints to each race using the age slider.

Permissions and credits
This mod gives oblivion's character creation some life by using oco's scars, warpaint an beards features but now for vanilla for purists.

You'll find a mix of beards, scars an warpaints in there own sections so they're in order using the age slider.
I covered every race except argonians, an khajiits for now. This mod runs smooth but still needs tweaking so keep that in mind, some things might be buggy as far as npcs needing correcting. 

simply drag textures into oblivion/data directory
no esp needed for now 
let me know any bugs so i can fix them. 
Oblivion character overhaul for all textures
i did not create them, just made them compatible for vanilla