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Oblivion Reloaded Combined - UNOFFICIAL Oblivion Reloaded version

Permissions and credits
So meet new Oblivion Reloaded Combined(ORC), its compiled from different OR sources, also with some my code changes for better functionality and new features.

- Like other OBSE plugin.

- Just look in game, see options description in ORC menu (Ctrl C).

Changelog for ORC versions(1.6- 1.9):

Please donate if you like this Unofficial ORC version - PayPal

Credits to:
-Alenet, sourcecode author and great programmer.
-Llde for OR fixes.
-Mcstfuerson for shadow patches and new features.
-IStewieAI for tips and tweaks.
-Evilmax for help with heap managers and tests.
-cOJzZ for player diagonal movement idea.
-Scanti for vampires tweaks.
-Skyranger for OSR development.
-Ershin for Oblivion FOV tweak
-Wiepman, Davitto94 for builds testing.
-Nooonemusteverknow for shaders tweaks and adaptation.
-Dispensation for tests and AMD bugs track
-Yinsolaya for description spelling checking and tests