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This mod is intended to rebalance the Tribunal expansion in a variety of ways, most importantly by editing the stats of creatures and npcs.
This mod rebalances Tribunal as if it shipped with Morrowind.

Permissions and credits
Tribunal Rebalance
by mort


-Added Gedna Relvel rebalance
-Added Tribunal Throwing weapon rebalance

-Part 1 of 3 of my rebalance series-
-Part of 2018 Morrowind May Modathon-

This mod is intended to rebalance the Tribunal expansion in a variety of ways, most importantly by editing the stats of creatures and npcs.
This mod rebalances Tribunal as if it shipped with Morrowind.

Recommended Level: 5 to start, 30 to finish

Part 2 (Bloodmoon):
Part 3 (Sixth House):

More Deadly Morrowind Denizens by Autumn:
I consider this part of my rebalance series, if you use my other ones and say "hey what about the rest of Morrowind" - Use this!


Tribunal and Bloodmoon were released as expansions to the base game, and were intended for players who had already fully cleared previous quests. All of the enemies and non-hostile NPCs are much higher level because of that. While a powerful vanilla NPC might be level 30, a powerful Bloodmoon NPC could be level 70. Ash Vampires and 'legendarily powerful' creatures/NPCs in the base game are somehow weaker than most expansion NPCs. 

Parts 2 and 3 of my rebalance series (in progress) tackle Bloodmoon, and finally making the 6th House / Dagoth Ur terrifying entities that even vanilla Bloodmoon werewolves couldn't defeat easily.

The general theory for these changes are as follows:

-Goblins should be trash mobs. Even medium/low level characters should wipe the floor with goblin bodies
-Goblin weapons/armor should be low quality, not expensive and amazing
-Level 40 is the 'high end' for standard humanoid races. (high ordinators)
-Level 50 is the limit for npcs with extreme magical powers or special circumstances (hands of almalexia, karrod, gaenor)
-Non-goblin non-db item stats/placement are untouched
-Midgame onwards tribunal is untouched

That being said, Tribunal will still be challenging, and that is intended. It is the hub of so many interesting things going on, it's the defacto capital city of Morrowind, and they aren't going to let you steal their loot easily. 

I have separated my changes into a few categories to provide a modular approach. These changes are also packaged into one esp if you'd like all of my changes.

Tribunal goblin rebalance.esp
Makes goblin club / sword / buckler worthless and also bad
Makes all goblins / durzogs weaker

Tribunal npc rebalance.esp
Changes NPC levels to fit the paradigm above
Notable nerfs:
Shopkeeper npcs are no longer more powerful than vanilla ash vampires
Most guards still very tough
Black dart gang weaker hp wise, still have very powerful darts

Dark brotherhood armor nerf.esp
Estimate for armor rating and value is based off the Morag Tong helmet in the vanilla game. I can only assume both should be similar, DB armor is slightly better weight-wise.
Armor Rating of all pieces lowered from 30 to 12.
Value cut by 10x

Tribunal more goblins.esp
Adds more goblins to the tribunal sewers.
Not actually as bad as it sounds because goblins are now trash mobs. Only about 10 more goblins total.

Gedna relvel rebalance.esp
Base health 700 -> 1000
Scripted leveled health went from (level * 100) to (level * 30)
Also fixed the vanilla script bug where it would triple down on buffing health

tribunal throwing weapon rebalance.esp
For reference:
Ebony Darts are 2-10
Daedric Darts are 2-12

Black Dart
120s 10-10 poison damage -> 30s 5-5 poison damage
[120s is annoyingly long. One dart shouldn't do 1200 poison damage.]

Bleeder Dart
120s 5-5 damage health -> 30s 5-5 damage health
[120s is annoyingly long. Also damage health is an insane effect. These are still amazing.]

Carmine Dart
30s 10-10 poison damage -> 30s 5-5 poison damage
30s 20-20 damage fatigue -> Unchanged
[Damage fatigue is cool.]

Spring Dart
50-100 damage -> 10-20 damage
Now ignores normal weapon resistance
[My headcanon is that they both have some kind of springloaded mechanism that makes them extra deadly, hence the name.]

Fine Spring Dart
55-110 damage -> 15-25 damage
Now ignores normal weapon resistance

Dwarven Dart
20-50 damage -> 15-15 damage
[Dwemer love consistency]

Dwarven Shock Dart
20-50 damage -> 15-15 damage
Shock damage unchanged

drag and drop into data files
check box

just edits numbers, should work with everything like TR and rebirth mgso etc etc
goblin placement esp should still be compatible as long as you don't edit the sewer sections in weird ways
this does not include a dark brotherhood delay feature. there are plenty out there, find one you like.


do whatever, credit me because it's a good idea