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This mod makes minor tweaks to the Outpost system to make it more useable.

Permissions and credits
Currently this mod makes Outposts less restricted by removing the budget, making the border higher/more visible, and lets you stay outside the border for as long as you want. Updates to it will happen when the tools are available and I will do my best to make the Outpost system as good as I possibly can.
NOTE: You can change objecty rotation speed in the game's settings under Settings > Controls > Outpost Rotation Speed.

Copy the contents of the StarfieldCustom.ini to the one located in Documents\My Games\Starfield. Do not overwrite the file.
Move the OutpostTweaks.txt to your installation folder (where the .exe is located)

Alternatively, copy and paste the following:

sStartingConsoleCommand=bat OutpostTweaks
#Disables the budget. You will experience performance issues if you build too much in your outpost
#Allows the workshop freecam to leave the build area
#Autosaves after you leave outpost building mode. It is disabled by default but I left it here incase anyone does want to use it.
#Allows the player to stay outside of the build area
#Changes the extractor border colour to be different to the outpost border colour

"sStartingConsoleCommand=bat OutpostTweaks" is only needed if you wish to have higher outpost borders.
"rHavesterExteriorBorderColor" does not seem to be a typo and is actually spelt that way

Future Plans
Note: None of these are concrete and are all things I would like to do if I am able to figure out how. They may not be possible until after the Starfield release of xEdit or CK2
  • Expand the outpost size
  • Increase/remove the outpost limit
  • Increase/remove limits on outpost objects i.e landing pads
  • Make snapping less annoying (why do things snap from halfway across the outpost???)
  • Increase/remove foundation height
  • Place everywhere
  • Increase/remove outpost crew limit

Feel free to suggest more in the posts tab! I can't promise everything but I will do what I can, when I can.