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Replace Female Guild Cross armor with Serri Glaus from Atelier Ryza 2.

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Serri is here!

There are two versions of this mod.

Ver. A changes the bone file, hence it clashes with other bone-changing mods.

Ver. B uses Simple Body Shape Editor to tweak the joints. This version does not change the bone file, hence it does not clash with other mods like Feminine Hunter Animations.

How to apply the joint tweaks in ver. B:
1. Install Simple Body Shape Editor
2. Open the Simple Body Shape Editor in game and enable it

3. In Preset exporter, enter the file name Serri and click "Import file to current setting"
4. Click "Save to preset slot" to save the preset. If you want to apply it again in the future, choose this preset and click "Apply preset"

The body shape editor currently does not apply in savedata choosing interface and equipment changing interface. So the model might look a bit wierd in these interfaces.

How to apply the mod to other armors:
1. Download and unzip the file to a new folder (do not unzip to current folder)
2. Go to natives\STM\player\mod\f\pl279
3. Change the "279" in every file name to the corresponding ID of the armor you want to apply the mod to. You can find the ID list here in the "Model Name" column: ID List. For example, Kamura is 200, Leather is 001, Guild Cross is 279.
4. Change the "279" in the folder name
5. Go back and re-zip the whole folder (the new folder, not the natives folder), drag it into Fluffy Manager, then enable it

The physical effects might be disabled if you change it to certain armors.