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From the ashes of Daggerfall's past, experience the world of Daggerfall as originally envisioned. With glorious mountain tops that reach for the heavens, and countless new locations to explore.

Permissions and credits
The World of Daggerfall Project 0.2
"Rock On" update
Adds new locations and large-scale props to the world exterior. Find the landscape filled with enormous mountains, the roads with bandit settlements, and the wilds with ruins, shrines, and other points of interest.


Kamer's World of Daggerfall is back as the community World of Daggerfall Project.

This project fills Daggerfall's vast wilderness with thousands upon thousands of rocks, mountains, docks, bandit camps, forts, towers, ruins, and shrines. These new locations make traveling on highways more interesting and traveling on back roads more perilous. All provinces are
included in the initial release. Moreover, World of Daggerfall is a continuing project in the vein of Morrowind's Tamriel Rebuilt. We aim to
continually add more content, create new experiences, and to make the Iliac Bay come to life. We will also release and maintain tools that
allow any modder to add their own locations to the game.

  • Placed all over the Iliac Bay: over 150,000 rocks, 2,000 mountains, 10,000 bandit camps, ruins, shrines, and 300 docks near coastal cities
  • Static and persistent enemy and loot spawns at the various new locations
  • Built on an optimized "Location Loader", with new features to reduce gameplay issues. Loading times are faster, and you can now use this mod with Travel Options, even at 40x speed
  • Easy to expand on, so that anyone can contribute to the project


Place both "location loader.dfmod" and "world of daggerfall.dfmod" in the mod folder. Be sure to both "Location Loader" and "World of Daggerfall" are enabled in DFU's mod list.


  • This is a community project? How do I contribute? What can I contribute?
WoD works with handmade "prefabs", which can be simple props, buildings, large structures, or even entire towns. Then, copies of these "prefabs" are placed or sprinkled all over the world as "instances". If you want to contribute your own prefabs, reach out to @kaboissonneault or @carademono on the Lysandus' Tomb Discord server

  • But what does this mod do, simply put?

Gives you stuff to see and explore while walking or riding outdoors.


Other mod recommendations


  • Seams / gaps between terrain with recommended terrain mods above

Open your Daggerfall Unity "settings.ini". On Windows, it should be in the follow folder:

%userprofile%\AppData\LocalLow\Daggerfall Workshop\Daggerfall Unity

Go to the key "TerrainHeightmapPixelError", under the [Experimental] section. Ensure the value is set to 1 (DFU sets it to 5 by default).

World of Daggerfall Team

  • Kamer - Founder
  • Kab the Bird Ranger
  • JayH
  • carademono
  • Ninelan
  • Diema