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Hex Strength without having to find it in an unordered list of mostly pointless alternatives. Removes sound and VFX from the recast buff. Allow spell slot selection when multiclassed.

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Hex is used primarily for damage, not the ability check debuff, and Strength is the debuff you want in 99% of cases as other ability checks don't really come up in combat... which makes it somewhat annoying to have to pick an ability on every cast, and really annoying that the list won't stay in the same order.

Ability selection also prevents the spell slot list from appearing when you've multiclassed Warlock with another caster and have multiple types of spell slots.

This mod removes the ability selection - Hex will always debuff Stength checks - which requires one less click to cast and allows the spell slot list to appear.

The annoying floating VFX and looping sound when Recast Hex is available is also removed.
Instead, you are blocked from casting Hex using spell slots when a free recast is available.

Checks, Not Saves
Hex is often misunderstood: It debuffs Ability Checks, not Saving Throws.

Selecting Hex (Wisdom) will not help you land Wisdom save spells.

The ability checks that come up in combat are:
  • Strength for Shove.
  • Dexterity for Hide.
  • The spellcasting ability of casters using Counterspell without a high-enough level slot to guarantee success.

Should be loaded after (below) 5e Spells or any other mods that add higher level spell slot versions of Hex.
Probably not compatible with any other mods for Hex.