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This mod contains the initial release for a playable adaptation of the Blood Hunter class from Matthew Mercer. Two subclasses are included, Order of the Lycan, and Order of the Ghostslayer.

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This mod contains the initial release for a playable adaptation of the 2020 Blood Hunter class from Matthew Mercer. Two subclasses are included, Order of the Lycan, and Order of the Ghostslayer.

This is quite an endeavor, and my first time really trying at something this big. This can be considered an Alpha playtest. I expect there will be some bugs or inconsistencies. If there are, please let me know and I'll do my best to try and fix them.

I tried to adapt the class as faithfully as I could, but there were some things I couldn't figure out. For the abilities I have adjusted, I tried to keep them in scale with the original ability's power and theme. I'll list some of the notable changes below, as well as some known issues after.

Hunter's Bane, Heightened Senses, etc. - Anything that gives contextual advantage with Fey, Fiends, Undead I just changed to be Advantage all the time. This would be pretty powerful in the real thing, but if playing solo, with NPCs in the party, this is probably still pretty underwhelming.

Crimson Rite - It applies to whichever weapon is in your main hand. It also locks the item in your inventory while it is buffed, as the class says that others cannot benefit from your Rite, and I couldn't figure out how to get the rite to fall off properly from a weapon status. Crimson Rite also becomes a container spell when in Lycan form, as a secondary application becomes availabe (applying it to your unarmed strikes). The Rites also last until Long rest, even though I'm aware they're originally Short Rest. I've included a Dismiss Rite ability as well, so you can remove the rite without having to long rest, in case you want to swap weapons with a party member.

Blood Curse of The Muddled Mind - I could not get the status to fall off after the first Concentration save, so this curse ended up getting buffed. Normal version will apply disadvantage to target on all concentration saves for one turn, amped will apply that same debuff, but also force the target to make a concentration save immediately against your DC. I figure even with this buff, it's not even as strong as Tasha's Hideous Laughter, a first level spell, so I'm not too worried about the buff.

Blood Curse of Exposure - This was really tough to try and get working, and while it was nearly perfect, there were issues with the trigger for the reaction damage type. Instead, I've changed it to be thematically similar, slightly nerfed, slightly buffed. It is now a buff on yourself, which will allow you to ignore all resistances for a turn. Amp will allow you to ignore all immunities.

Blood Curse of the Fallen Puppet - I have some ideas on how to approach this, but ultimately it didn't make sense to hold up the rest of the mod over one spell, so for now, Fallen Puppet is not included, but I plan to include it in a future update.

Aether Step - Since there is no true Etherealness equivalent in game, I tried to adapt it while keeping the spirit of the original ability. While active, you'll gain access to a spell that's basically misty step, but doesn't require line of sight, allowing you to pass through walls. The spell uses movement instead of any actions, so you can only misty step as much as you have movement. It should thematically still allow you to enjoy being a phantom.

Hybrid Bloodlust - From my testing, Bloodlust seems to work as expected, but there's an issue with the trigger once you get Lycan Regeneration. They both trigger at the start of the turn, and even though I tried many ways of orchestrating one after the other, it would still trigger bloodlust even if you were above the health threshold after the regen. Going to work on getting this working, but ultimately it only affects specific cases at lv11 and above, so I didn't want to hold out the release because of it.

Most Lycan animations are broken also because of it using a different skeleton. I got some working, but definitely expect it to be rather buggy in that area

Build restriction - I know Blood Hunter can be built with both Strength/Dexterity and Wisdom/Intelligence. This flexibility is hard to achieve without releasing multiple versions, which I do plan to do. For now I have included only a Dexterity/Intelligence option. You of course can still build to Strength, the only thing that's locked out is Wisdom as your Hemocraft Mod. Starting weapon is also a Rapier instead of a Longsword. If you really want the Wisdom hemocraft before I can get to it, it's not too hard to break open the pak and adjust it yourself.

There are several other very small changes, but I've tried to include them all described in the description of each ability. Please let me know if there are missing icons/statuses/localizations, or if anything is worded in a confusing manner.

The icons for the subclasses are also just placeholders until I have an opportunity to make better ones.

Hopefully that covers everything.

Finally, I'd like to give a big shoutout to the Larian Modding Discord for helping me through many problems.
Big shoutout to Anase Skyrider for doing 90% of the work on Exposure, helping me with targeting and triggering conditions, and getting the tooltips working and just generally helping with a lot of things.
Big shoutout to Gycicada. I would not have been able to do this without their Class Template mod breaking down a ton of the complexity.
Shoutout to aheram for helping me get icons working.
Also shoutout to LostSoulman, whose Werewolf potion mod I used as a base for the Lycan class.

I'll also be adding this mod to Github at some point in case people are looking to contribute fixes before I am able to get to them. Stay tuned.