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Replaces voice preset 3 to an Orcish voice, made with a Thrall(from world of warcraft) themed RVC AI Voice model, no more sounding like a scholar while you are a barbarian wielding a battleaxe, ROAR!
将塔夫的3号声音替换为较为粗犷的兽人声线,声音文件使用魔兽萨尔主题的RVC AI语音模型制作

Permissions and credits

How to use:
At character creation,  pick voice 3 for your Tav, with any race of your choice, works with all races, not just orc.

Place Orc_Voice3.pak in ...\AppData\Local\Larian Studios\Baldur's Gate 3\Mods
Alternatively install with BG3 mod manager, no need to activate.

Recommended setting:
Navigate to Audio settings and drag Point-and-Click Voice Frequency” all the way to the left (Never)



将Orc_Voice3.pak 放入 ...\AppData\Local\Larian Studios\Baldur's Gate 3\Mods 路径下
或者使用BG3 mod manager 进行安装,导入即可,无需激活

Known Issues:
1. Point-and-Click voice lines aren't changed, these are the lines that your character would say when you select them, or when you click on its portrait. Lines such as "Still alive, so that's progress", "People back home will never believe this", etc. A temporary solution for now is to change the frequency to "Never" in audio settings.
2. Some moaning and humming sounds aren't covered, for example when you get hit in combat, your "ouch" is still from the original voice.
3. Spellcasting shouts (for example, "IGNIS!") aren't changed. This is a little wierd because I'm pretty sure I converted many of these lines, yet when I test it it doesn't feel different. Maybe some of them are changed further into the game as I have only tested with 15mins into chapter 1.
4. Because the voice lines are directly converted using original sound files instead of text scripts, some sounds (like laughters and some short phrases) become sort of mumbling giberish, which is kind of funny, you will discover these along the way.

Fellow modders, I need your help!
If you decide to make a voice mod of your own, see credit section below for tutorials and resources, they are handy. And if you ever find the filenames or prefix for Point-and-Click voice lines, please let me know, I am pretty hopeless on finding these on my own, thank you.

Shoutout to KaSaDa529 for making Astarion AI Gura Voice, which gave me inspiration and basically let me know that all this is possible. 
Kdask for making Strong and Silent - Voice replacer, which let me learn the Tav voice presets' prefixes, I wouldn't be able to find these by myself from 180k voice files.
메이웰 - maywell for making this amazingly convenient tool and tutorial video, this is crucial and I imagine many modders will use this to create their own voice presets in the future.
Brazurl for making the Thrall AI Voice Model

My Other Voice Mods:
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