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Tactician is too easy for you? Death March aims to increase the difficulty of almost all combat encounters by adding new enemies, buffing them, expading their skillsets as well as adding completely new enemy types to challenge you. All changes are seamlessly integrated by going over each fight by hand.

Permissions and credits

This mod adds several completely new enemy types to challenge you.

Goblin ranks are joined by Chemists, who use their infusions to buff and support their allies, and bombs to destroy their enemies.
Deadly Drow Assassins watch over certain Absolute plots. You might not find them, but they will certainly find you.
Githyanki Warmages aid the githyanki search parties. Their spells a powerful boon to their more martially inclined comrades.

With future updates, more is to come.


Most fights had additional enemies added to them. Sometimes the enemies are of new types, sometimes of already existing. These new enemies are integrated seemlessly with already existing ones, attacking if you start combat normally or rewarding you with their XP if you pass a dialogue check instead of fighting.


Many existing enemies had new skills added to their skillsets. Some of those skills are completely new and, sometimes, scripted to make for unique combat encounters. Besides the active skills, many enemies received additional statuses, passives or stat updates to make them a little stronger. No longer will the enemy wizards spend a turn casting mage armor on themselves.


This mod aims to increase the difficulty of the fights, but not to make them insurmountably difficult. Strategy and positioning will matter more, while just walking into what you know to be a difficult encounter will be punished. With all that said, there's still nothing stopping you from using expert barrelmancy to defeat your enemies.


You will also be able to find some new items while adventuring and defeating enemies.

Currently there aren't many, but future updates will bring more.


Requires a New Game
This mod requires a new game to work correctly. You can install it on existing saves but enemies in already completed encounters will likely function incorrectly.
There's no safe way to uninstall the mod. Once you started a playthrough with it, your saves are irreversibly changed, and if you try to load them without the mod your game will crash.

Work in progress

Please note that the mod is still very much in development. Future updates will update more areas. Currently implemented areas are:
Act 1 Forest

As the mod is still in development and many fights are subject to change, feedback is welcome - both on existing changes and possibly new ones.

You generally shouldn't use this mod with other mods that change enemies, as I cannot guarantee compatibility. Mods that only change AI should be fine - provided they change AI and AI only. Mods that change flat bonuses provided by difficulty are compatible. All other mods should be compatible.
For maximum compatiblity, load my mod after all other mods that change enemies or combat.

Installation & Requirments

This mod requires Script Extender to work. Install it with BG3 Mod Manager.