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This is a follower mod.

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After you've taken care of that you'll need to navigate to your Star field's main directory, you'll want to open up starfield.ini.

Insert this under [General]

If General does not exist for whatever reason just create it. 
When done close and save.

Place the downloaded esp into data folder and you're done, launch starfield.

To use this mod, you will need to simply type Help "Hailey" 0 into command prompt". 
You access command prompt inside of the game, by hitting ~.

Once you have found Hailey's ID example: 3000666

Then type inside the console player.placeatme 3000666 then hit enter.

Hailey should be looking at you, click her and type setplayerteammate 1 and she will now follow you.

To dismiss her go to your ship click her and type setplayerteammate 0

If you talk to Hailey, she will offer to joining your ship crew or outpost crew. You can do this.
but she will no longer be able to follow you.

You can however respawn her and she will be able to follow you. During the testing of this mod, I've noticed something interesting.
Apparently, you can spawn an infinite number of her that can be recruited to work on your ship. I don't know if you can infinitely recruit her for outposts, haven't tested but I'm at 6/6 on my ship and there still going in.

Openactorcontainer 1 does not work on Hailey at this time, however you can just manually equip her with console commands using equipitem or additem xxxxxxx.

For now, she is setup with default equipment to help you.