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I like the idea of a Space Trucker who did what he could to get by - like signing up to be experimented on combining alien DNA into his being - later on hunted by people contracted by an unknown enemy and he keeps the Freestar Collective in his heart when on long trips around the blackest sea. Meet Jerediah Rorke.

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[Name]: Jerediah Rorke.
[Background]: Long Hauler
[Traits]: Alien DNA, Freestar Collective Settler, Wanted.
[Author's Perk Selection(s)]: I added 1 point into boostpack training to traverse better - all other points if earned have not been allocated.
[Level]: 2.
[Visited Locations]: Only Been To New Atlantis, 

(Modified the starter ship best I could with the limited parts as far as I know, not yet got weapons to take on too much passed lvl 12 - but it is meant to help out fellow Space Trucker types.)