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This mod allows the player to replace the skybox in any map from a list of the KH3 ones

Permissions and credits
Requires KH3 Modloader and ENVSet is the name to add to the menu

Settings (Left Shift + B):
- Save ENV through Rooms, it's best to be careful because in some rooms the game will crash;
- Dev Tools;
Dev Tools:
- Unload/Load Levels, Left Shift + X for Unload and Left Shift + V for Load;
- Ability to load and unload .umap files;
- Unload all Maps that have ENV on the name (Left Shift + T) it'll usually unload all skyboxes and whatever else is inside of the map;
- Unload all Maps with Collision on the name (Left Shift + G) in most maps it'll allow to go out of bounds, in others it'll make the player fall to the void;
- Batch Load Levels (Left Shift + C), it's the same as load levels but it allows to load many maps at once;
- Undo/Redo (Ctrl + Z/Ctrl + Y) ability to undo/redo loading/unloading of maps, it only undoes/redoes one action at a time and isn't compatible with Batch Load Levels
New Map:
- Added a new map to test the lighting and loading other things, it should be openable with a mod menu, Open /Game/Maps/ENVMap.umap
- Pressing V will turn off all of the lights in the map, so to better see how each lights effect the map from each ENV
- Left Shift + E will open the menu

If lighting is broken sometimes pausing and unpausing the game helps fix the issue

List of Maps:
BT, BT_DLC (Scala Ad Caelum)
BX (San Fransokyo)
CA (The Caribbean)
DC (Disney Castle?)
DI, DI_DLC (Destiny Islands)
DP. DP_DLC (Land of Departure)
DW, DW_DLC (Dark World)
EW (The Final World)
FZ (Arendelle)
GM (Gummiship)
HE (Olympus)
MI (Monstropolis)
PO (100 Acre Wood)
RA (Kingdom of Corona)
RG, RG_DLC(Radiant Garden)
SP (Final World wannabe)
SS (Shibuya)
TS (Toy Box)
TT (Twilight Town)
YT (Mysterious Tower)

Mods used in the screenshots:
Custom HUD for Sora
Illustrated Portraits (Kingdom Hearts II HUD-Portraits)
HUD Face Art Jaster Edition
KH2 HUD (Beta)
0.2 Wardrobe Items Restored

Special thanks to dh for the load level code and the OpenKH Discord community for the knowledge and helping with getting things to work

This mod replaces all ENV maps loaded inside a level which can include not only the skybox/post processing effects but also other loaded things like in The Caribbean it will remove the entire ocean.

The lighting might and will break in some maps, it's best to use it with caution.

For some reason this mod doesn't work in the Kingdom of Corona and Arendelle Worlds, the game crashes when trying to unload the ENV maps in them
Keyblade Graveyard and Scala ad Caelum don't crash at first but they're unstable and might crash after changing ENVs a few times