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Sub-mod of Animate Dead++ & Valkrana's Spellbook.
Animate Dead++ & Valkrana's Spellbook are created by brilliant actualsailorcat.
All credits belong to actualsailorcat.

Permissions and credits
Experimental Sub-mod of Animate Dead++ & Valkrana's Spellbook created by me.
The purpose is to open up some ideas for necromancers modding.
Non of here are fully tested. Use at your own risk. You have been warned.

Animate Dead++ & Valkrana's Spellbook are created by brilliant actualsailorcat.
All credits belong to actualsailorcat.
Valkrana is cute.

  • Make high-level summons fewer but more powerful. # Battle with massive number of characters would severely slow down the combat in the vanilla.
  • Add new minions or spell.

  • What have I done now?
- Override AnimateDead_Skeleton Level_5 & 6 into Heavy Crossbow# The number of units will be 1+1,3+1,1+1,3+1
- Override AnimateDead_Ghoul & 6 into Flesh Golem# The number of units will be 1+1,2+1
- Override AnimateDead_Zombie Level_5 & 6 into Ghoul# The number of units will be 1+1,3+1,1+1,3+1 
- Enabled SwarmGroup for weaker summons
# This means they will try to move and attack in the same turn, but with less consideration for terrain, formation, Buff/Debuff.
# SwarmGroup AI prefer basic attacks over other skills.
- Change spell for player's Death Knight minions.# Make the death knight more aggressive instead of using Compelled Duel all the time.
- Let Mummy jump# Mummy plz jump. Already fixed by AD++
- Override & Disable logs spams of Undead Ward Aura in Combat Log.# No more received condition: Undead Ward Aura.
- Override NecromancySchool level 9 Progression for new spell.# 5th spell slots are open at level 9. Sorry to multi-professional part-time wizards.
- Buff AD++'s melee skeleton melee skills. #And their wapon looking rusty now.
- Buff Grim Harvest to apply cantrip. Ex. Bone Chill and Fire bolt
- Other thing I don't remember.

- New summons: Proud Phalanx (Skeleton pikeman)#The number of units will be 1+1,3+1
! Features: Sentinel (Riposte to enemies that attack allies) / Phalanx Formation (Get Advantage next with an ally that carries a shield) / Piercing Attck / Throwing Javelin / Prefer to stand with the allies

- New summons: Zealous Healer (Undead Nurse)#The number of units will be 1+1,3+1
! Features: Has four different weapons can choose / AOE in a small area once per battle / High priority to heal party member who HP below 70% / Have skill "Help"

- New summons: Death Shepherd.#The number of units will be 1 , 2  It's too strong. I am nerf it with pain.
! Features: Has chain and shield / High HP / Undead Ward Aura / Has high resistance while having temporary HP / Riposte  /
 Dominate undead (Control Undead) / Rise dead in combat. Until combat end. (But AI don't want to resurrect hostile NPC) Now they love it.

- New summons: Heavy Crossbow Skeleton
! Features: Mask target and deal high dmg with Piercing Shot.

- New summons: Flesh Golem
! Features: Meat shield with High HP and low AC / Can sacrificing own HP to restore living party member's HP / Out of control when very low HP 

- New spell: No Rest of the Wicked (Rise Undead) for player at NecromancySchool level 9
! Features: Rise any dead NPC and dominate it at the time. Limited to having only one at a time. Rest per combat.

Known issues:
- Death Shepherd AI Don't want to use spell. They will and love it a little too much.
- Flesh Golem's are lack of Jump, Shove, Throw, Climb animation in vanilla.
(I try to add them. Now it looks weird, but acceptable. But Climb animation are out of my ability)
- Flesh Golem's race are Skeleton, I tried to create a new race to use but it didn't work, sad.
- Player's Rise Undead NPC do not follow when changing the map. (If you need to switch maps, pick up your precious corpses and take them with you.)
- Player's Rise Undead NPC's spell resources may not recover from short-rest or long-rest.
Player's Rise Undead NPC are not considered undead race. Fixed
- I really don't like writing skill names and descriptions, sorry.
- Resurrecting quest NPC may have unexpected effects. (untested)
If want Rise Undead geting better will need Norbyte's Baldur's Gate 3 Script Extender.

#Future Plan? Maybe?
Make a new range minion that can throw skull and and summon little skeleton as same time. I need to stop increase the number of characters on the battle.
High-ter melee skeletons from AD++ . Think about Sentinel + PhalanxFormation with Polearm. Glaive? Halberd? Pike? Done
Move Death Shepherd to CreateUndead?  Level 6 spells are very late game content. Maybe it's only 30% of the game, I'm not sure I want to do that.
Make a spell to unsummon all minions?
Make new rush skill for AD++'s melee skeleton. Done
Try to write skill/spell name & descriptions.
Re-learn english.

5e or othet mod?# No.