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Adds a collection of 25 immersive rings to the game. More will come over time! Now with French and German Localization!

Permissions and credits
Patch #2 Compatible.

Where Can I get them?
You can get them from the Tutorial Chest in the Cheaty Version, or throughout Faerun in the Immersive version. (I recommend Immersive)

In Version 1.42+ Only.
Immersive Drop Rates (Rough Estimates): 

Legendary - 5%
Very Rare - 10% 
Rare - 15% 
Uncommon - 25%

These are the chances that my rings will be selected when the game develops its drop table combining my drop table with any other drop tables that are relevant within the game. I have also tried to implement level blockers so that items won't drop unless you're of a certain level, but it doesn't seem to work. :(

What does the gear do?
See the Images, please.

Installation via BG3 Mod Manager like you would with any BG3 mod.

Only install ONE of the two versions, and go to (C:\Users\XXXXX\AppData\Local\Larian Studios\Baldur's Gate 3\Mods) and delete any duplicate RingsExpanded.pak files you have there. If there's more than one you will have issues as they will try to overwrite each other.
1. Unequip all the items from the mod. (Also, delete them if you can by putting them into a "Summoned Tutorial Chest" or something like it.)
2. Uninstall.

Should be compatible with all mods.

UUIDs for spawning in-game:

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Special Thanks:
Paramonov95 for his help with TreasureTables.
HolographicWings for French Localization
ELITExTB for German Localization

If you want to buy me a coffee.