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Be the Plaguebringer you want to be with this poisoned-themed gear set! Adds 9 new items to the game with new passives as well as new spells that grow with you as you level all the way up to Lv. 20.

Permissions and credits
Patch #2 Compatible.

"The risk of infection and death is ever present and should not be taken lightly.”

Where Can I get them?
You can get them from the Tutorial Chest.

What does the gear do?
This gear and spells of this equipment scale with your character up to Level 20.
Check Images, because they do far too much to list here.

What is the difference between Rare and Legendary?
With Rare all the Spells, Gear Abilities, and Effects are balanced for gameplay so that strong abilities are only usable a number of times per Combat.

With Legendary all the Spells, Gear Abilities, and Effects are unlocked so you can trigger them or cast them as much as you'd like. Legendary also includes quite a few more bonuses that aren't included in the Rare Version. Some Legendary effects that aren't visible by the item's tooltip include:
Cape: Protection from Opportunity Attack
Boots: You gain the "Grounded" attribute, meaning you can't be pushed around.

Installation via BG3 Mod Manager like you would with any BG3 mod.
Only install ONE of the two versions, and go to (C:\Users\XXXXX\AppData\Local\Larian Studios\Baldur's Gate 3\Mods) and delete any duplicate PoisonSet.pak files you have there. If there's more than one you will have issues as they will try to overwrite each other.

1. Unequip all the items from the mod. (Also, delete them if you can by putting them into a "Summoned Tutorial Chest" or something like it.)
2. Long Rest
3. Uninstall.

May not be compatible with mods that change spells this mod uses.

Recommended for this mod:
Universal Armour Fixer

UUIDs for spawning in-game:

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Special Thanks:
AnteMaxx for their Basket Full of Equipment Mods
-I learned a lot from looking at your code. (v1.8 onwards)
Paramonov95 for their help getting started with modding BG3 and solving my TreasureTable.txt issue.

If you want to buy me a coffee.