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This is a save file that i downloaded here from Nexus So that i could reload till i got the variant that i wanted to stay in that multiverse.
I changed the name and character looks with background. Character is still lvl75. This is a save file for people who want this variant.

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Sadly Noel will follow u around in the lodge. So yeah bad luck i gues xD.

Install here >  C:\Users\Name\Documents\My Games\Starfield\Saves

My first ever upload here on Nexus yaaaay.

The save file is from warfarezombie.  I used it to keep hard resetting to get the variant and it took me more then 15 hours to get it. I need mental help i guess xD.
Since its a save file i dont think he would mind uploading a new version from his save. It is not a mod but i might delete this if he ask. With a mod i would wait for his permission but he hasnt answered any of the comments since a few days. So thats why im uploading this otherwise i am going to forget it xD.