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Dynamically create extra enemy spawns to easily scale the difficulty of the game.

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Compatible with Skyrim AE & Skyrim SE


Phenderix Dynamic Spawner will enable you to create extra enemy spawns to easily scale the difficulty of the game. For example, enter a dungeon and instead of fighting 10 NPCs, make this 60 in just a couple of seconds. This is incredibly useful for scaling the game's difficulty based on how many followers/companions you have in your party.

You could temporarily disable this mod in-game if you are traveling solo or alternatively enable this mod in-game when you are traveling with 10 companions and want to spawn 10x extra enemies to fight.

Qualifications for an NPC to be duplicated via this mod:
  • Non-unique
  • Non-essential
  • Not dead already
  • Hostile or would be hostile to player

There are two modes for spawning extra enemies to fight:
  1. Automatic - automatically spawn extra NPCs when entering a cell (can be toggled on/off via included spell)
  2. Manual - use included spell to trigger spawning extra near-by NPCs (probably the safest way to use this mod)

This mod is by default turned off and will not work automatically.
You must use the <Dynamic Spawner> spell, which is automatically added to your spells list upon installing this mod, to configure this mod and have it spawn extra enemies. Choose to enable the automatic mode or manually trigger the extra spawning process when entering an area with enemies.

The number of extra spawns per NPC is configurable from 0 to 10 extra spawns. (you most likely want to keep this between 0 to 4)
Increasing this to a high number may cause slowdowns in large dungeons / cells due to high number of NPCs and their corresponding AI.

Potential issues:
  • With automatic mode turned on, entering an area like a dungeon, leaving, and then reentering, will cause the duplication process to happen again. This could result in a much higher number of NPCs in the dungeon. Turn off automatic mode if you do something like this.
  • Some NPCs could be duplicated if they don't properly have the essential or unique flag on them.

For exterior cells, the automatic mode will only process and duplicate nearby enemies in the area you first enter. If you travel far outside in an exterior cell, like the Whiterun plains, without fast traveling, you should use the manual option to duplicate enemies as the automatic mode will not run again until you fast travel or enter an interior cell. For interior cells, you should encounter no limitations.

This mod is an ESPFE and will not count towards your maximum total mod count.

  • SKSE - without it, not all features of this mod will work as intended.
  • UIExtensions - without it, none of the menus in this mod will properly work.
  • powerofthree's Papyrus Extender - includes a script function that this mod utilizes


  • Refined check to determine if NPC is a hostile enemy. (speed improvement)
  • Non-hostile NPCs, like neutral soldiers, will no longer be duplicated.

  • Initial release.

Please let me know in the comments section any issues you encounter so that I can further update this mod. Thanks!


Q: Can this mod be installed mid-game?
Yes, this is completely fine to do.

Q: How is this mod different from Increased Enemy Spawns?
This mod only allows you to spawn 2x or 3x enemies and is not configurable. Extra enemies are manually placed in the world by the mod author and therefore it is not dynamic and areas/encounters added or edited by other mods will not be impacted. Additionally, these extra spawns cannot be turned off like the ones in Phenderix Dynamic Spawner.

Q: How is this mod different from Ultimate Deadly Encounters and Spawns?
This mod is much simpler in scope and solely focuses on extra spawns whereas Ultimate Deadly Encounters adds extra enemy types and many other mechanics to the game.

phenderix - created all content not otherwise noted below

powerofthree - created Papyrus Extender function which helps make this mod possible
Skyrimmods discord users RedxYeti, Domenicus and Ashen for scripting advice